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These Awards are for people who show care and excellence for their websites. Tigs will give them out as well as take applications. Please apply for awards at the bottom. Tigaligs

Tigs would also love to thank Tanya at FastFreeStuff for all her help and support and making it possible for Tigs to give these special awards to these well deserving websites....Teri.

Tigs Appreciation Award goes to everyone that has helped Tigaligs get off the ground. Your words of encouragement and help made this site take flight. Thanks for putting up with my many questions and anwsering them with smiles. If it werent for all of you Tigs would not be what it is today.

This New Site Award will go to new sites. You have to be up and running.

This award goes to people with a COOL sense of graphics, layout, and content. Ease of navigation and frequently updated a must.

This award goes to websites that have HOT content, great graphics, color and layout. Ease of navigation and frequently updated a must.

This award is given to sites that have awesome newsletters. Newsletters that are easy to read, have good content and are link friendly to all its subscribers will recieve this award.

This award goes to those sites that strive to get the best freebies possible. These sites never give up the hunt and should be commended for their non-stop hard work.

This award goes to sites that show a sense of beauty from the webmasters eyes.

This award goes to sites that show a creative flare that other sites dont. Sites that use their content and graphics in a creative way.

This award goes to sites that dont follow the "normal" website look. Your site has to be unique in its own way.

This award cannot be applied for.

This award of Excellence goes to Webmasters who make their site a work of art. Who go that extra mile and use their talents and knowledge to help others in their field. Whos graphics, content, color and layout show the pride of the dream they turned into a reality.

Please fill in your sites URL and your email address. If you DO NOT hear from me personally then I have not recieved your information correctly. Some have applied for awards and I cant give them out if I have no where to send them to.
Thanks Teri


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